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The Chainsaw

After setting up and photographing this scene, it was pointed out to us that the lumberjack wasn’t actually holding a chainsaw – he had a hedge trimmer in his hands!  We thought that it wouldn’t make that much difference, at first, but realized that it just wasn’t right.



A short time later, we managed to get a hold of an actual chainsaw, and redid the scene. That’s going to make it a lot easier to cut down the tree!


(You’ll also notice that the lumberjack is holding the saw higher, and up against the tree. The chainsaw is much heavier than the hedge trimmer, and he would have fallen down if he wasn’t leaning on the tree!)


The Harp

Sometimes we get a scene set up, photographed, and put away again before we notice an error in the scene.  That was the case with this one – we realized that the harp was backwards! You can tell that we didn’t just flip the harp around – everyone is sitting in different spots, playing different instruments – it’s even a different harpist!

That's not how you play a harp!

That’s not how you play a harp!


Much better!

Much better!

The Refrigerator

Being more used to the old standard, North American refrigerator, with the freezer compartment on top, we didn’t even think about what kind of refrigerator Playmobil would produce.

So we set it up with the smaller compartment on top.  Twice.



But that’s wrong – not only is the Playmobil logo visible – upside down – on the bottom, but the shelves are upside down on the door! Items are supposed to sit in the shelves!